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web & desktop development blog


CookieSession is a blog I'm writing. The main subjects includes Node.js platforms (Sails.js and Express.js), and C#.

Along with writing its professional content, I've designed and coded CookieSession's blogging system from scretch, using PHP, CSS3, HTML5 and jQuery.

CookieSession's graphic design is based upon Google's Material Design concepts, which I like alot.


simple & powerful CSS responsive framework


Starwhale is an open-source CSS responsive framework project I've started a few monthes ago.

Starwhale has responsive grids, elegant base-design and so forth.
The fact it has full Hebrew documentation and community is what distinguishes it from other CSS frameworks.

I've coded and designed both Starwhale's Hebrew and English websites.

StepApp Ltd.

StepApp - and create the future


StepApp was a company co-founded by me and an associate. Together we've managed to develop an online dating application.

I've coded and designed StepApp's promotional website (see the example below), and parts of the mobile app.


The fastest way to cancel a parking ticket


Appeal.co.il is a mobile-intended web application I've created.
The main idea behind it is to provide people with quick appealing solution against parking tickets they receive at that exact moment, without long letters and bureaucracy.

Appeal.co.il was fully coded and designed using CSS 3, jQuery, HTML 5 and plain PHP.

"The New System" (Codename)


"The New System" is a web chat app I've created for the use of a certain internet community I used to be a part of.

I've designed and coded the application using PHP as server and CSS, jQuery and HTML as client.